Thursday, August 9, 2018

Observations from the Airport

1. I really hate cold shoulder tops. If you're wearing one I probably hate you. Okay. I probably don't hate you. But I am very doubtful of your decision making skills.

2. Traveling parents seem to fall into three camps.

The ones that just yell at their kids the whole time they wait for the flight. "Tyler! Get over here! What are you doing? Stop that! Leave that lady alone!"

The ones that overstimulate their children. "Do you want to watch the iPad? Do you want to play a game? Do need a juice box? Do you have to go to the bathroom again?"

And then there's my people. (You know, if I ever went crazy and actually had kids*) The oblivious ones. Their kids are eating Cheerios off the airport floor, petting dogs that don't belong to them, trying to open strangers bags. The parents are on their phones, or engrossed in grown up conversations, or drunk because they're traveling with children.

3. Some people don't understand why headphones are a thing. These people irritate me because this is just blatantly inconsiderate. I don't want to listen to your inevitably shitty music.

4. Some people are terrible at waiting. When your flight is delayed you see people's true nature. The smart ones, like me, are aware that sometimes shit happens when you are trying to load a bunch of strangers into a big metal tube and hurl them through the sky. So we understand that sometimes things get delayed. We don't enjoy it but it's not catastrophic either. We bring things to entertain us pre and during flight - books, crafts, computers, etc.

These other people though. They show up to the airport with just a phone. No charger, no entertainment. Their phones die and suddenly the world is ending because they have to wait. These are the same people that jump on front of you in line.

*I don't judge your choice to have kids but much like cold shoulder tops it does make me question your decision making skills.

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